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6 Killer Abs workout at home for Ladies

Willing to achieve that perfect flat on stomach or six pack abs? Then I am going to share my personal experience of achieving them.

Well yes I have myself discovered it by doing workout for over 5 years religiously.

Abs workout helps you to cut down the belly fat and make you more confident without any second thought. Also, this helps to lose weight naturally.

Well yes there’s a trick that you got to follow along with this workout which we’ll discuss at the end of this article as a bonus tip.


  1. Yoga Mat

2. Proper Workout Clothes– because this process will make you more serious about your workout.

3. Stop watch.

Time: Only 24 minutes

Special Instructions:

Follow these exercises in circuit. Circuit means following 1 set of every exercise in 1 go. No breaks in between.

Minimum of 4 exercises should be done in 1 circuit. Max can go up to 8 exercise.

Total of 4 circuits has to be performed.


1. Half Crunches

In half crunches, you have to lie down on your back with arms behind your ears for right posture. You can bend your knees.

Half crunches

Now you have to rise your upper body a little. Little here means half. This will make an obtuse angle of 150 degree.

Follow this for 20 repetition without break.

2. Full Crunches

Posture is as same as that of half crunches. Here you have to rise full to meet your pelvis using upper body part and abdomen area.

This will put your core in to target. Further bringing it to the fat loss from the core area.

Repetition of this exercise has to be 25.

Right Breathing in crunches are very important. As soon as you rise, you have to exhale and when you lie back on mat then you have to inhale.

3. Leg Raises

One of the most amazing exercise to burn fat on the lower abs area. Lie down on your back and put your hands straight next to your legs.

Rise your legs, make sure to not bend the knees. Legs has to be straight and rise it up to 90 degree.

Follow this for 15 repetition.

Right Breathing: Exhale when you rise your legs and inhale when you lower down your legs.

4. Alternate Leg Raises

Lie down on your back and relax your hands on side.

Rise one leg one time and other leg should also be not touching floor. Take one leg up to 60 degree and other be in air at 15 degree angle.

Then do the same for other leg.

Repetitions of 30 to be followed.

5. Bi-cycle Crunches

Lie down on your back. Rise and bend your knees towards your core a little.

Then take one leg towards your core while other be straight. And then vice versa. Just like you are driving a bicycle while lying on your back.

Repeat this movement with no break in between for 30 repetition.

6. Plank

Plank is one of the most important and exciting exercise.

Sit on the mat and then start by placing hands on mat right under the shoulder.

Step your feet back and make your posture straight from heels to head in one horizontal line.

Now put your elbow on the floor and hold this position for minimum 1 minute.

Tighten your core and straight your face in front side.

These 6 exercises has to be performed in 1 go with no longer breaks (5-10 secs max) which will be counted as 1 circuit.

Follow this circuit for 3 more times.

Bonus Tips

Don’t eat anything heavy in dinner. For best result, eat your dinner before 7pm and have boiled salads in it.

Having boiled salads will turn your belly fat in to no fat.

So Guys this was it in this article. Please comment and share your views and share this article with your friends also.

Also, one should definitely get a good night sleep to realign the body cells and mind.

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