Wonder Woman named Carefreewings

Women in India are no less than a superwoman and Ms. Shivani Saini has proved nothing less with her abilities and mindset. Most of you will know her by Carefreewings.

With almost over a million followers on Youtube, she has not only inspired but shown young millennials that nothing is difficult to achieve if you are determined.

Hailing from millennium city – Gurgaon, she has travelled over half of the worldโ€™s countries by 2023. In her YouTube videos, she showcases travel (different cities, people, food, culture), lifestyle, motivational content with her unique way to out speak emotions beautifully. 

Justifying the name – Carefreewings, she is not just limited to YouTube or Blog.

Shivani is a fitness enthusiast, she believes that fitness has helped her to achieve her career goals as well. She also runs an online blog “Best Healthy Help” where she puts out the health related content which is driving a million traffic on an average in a month.

โ€œBorn with an endomorph body type, it was a challenge to stay in ideal body shape since childhood. But with time I started enjoying it and took it as a serious business and this year I got to feature Nike as a brand ambassador which has been my dream ever sinceโ€ says young youtuber. 

Apart from being a Youtuber and fitness enthusiast, she is also a co-founder of Performance Marketing Company in Delhi where she chooses her own client and drives performance with ROI. Her company is associated with A-list clients like Buy WOW, Myntra, Indigo, etc.

With over 1 billion turnover in 2023, her agency is exponentially growing.

Journey has never been easy for her but with her strong and rebellious attitude, she conquers everything she wishes to. She understands that a woman in India has a different set of challenges in addition to what a man faces. Coming from a typical Indian family, she manages to struggle and persuade her family to let her mind her business. 

According to Shivani, her biggest achievement is that her father is super proud and backed her completely. Finding a sense of relaxation on a parent’s face is a different level of satisfaction.

On being asked about exciting & upcoming endeavors, the 28 year old said that she is working on her dream project to create a community for women where they can collectively grow together.

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Well, we are equally excited for this new surprise venture and we wish her a very good luck for the upcoming projects.

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