Benefits of Oil Pulling

One of the ancient Ayurvedic practice has been rediscovered and is a talk of the town because it helps to achieve wonders for your dental health.

You might be wondering what Oil Pulling basically is?

So here’s the deal… It’s an activity where in you have to swish the oil inside your mouth for minimum 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes, or more than that..

How to Do Oil Pulling?

So here’s the step to follow carefully for this activity:

  1. Take a spoon full of oil. Oil can be any, you can use as per your own convenience. I use coconut oil because it has antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

    You can choose among coconut, sesame or any other vegetable oil.

  2. Take the oil in your mouth (don’t engulf it), and then swish it for at least 10 minutes just like you swish mouthwash.

    I am repeating do not take a single drop inside because the oil will attract all the germs and bacteria from your gums and teeth which obviously shouldn’t go inside body.

  3. Spill the oil in Trash. Yes, don’t spill the oil in basin or sink because it will clog the passage for water as oil is dense in nature.

  4. Wash your mouth with warm water and salt and gargle at the same time. Post that you can brush your teeth.

Why Oil Pulling?

Because it improves your oral health.

It will make sure that you have a healthy and fresh mouth all day long.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

OK before you read ahead, I would like tell that below mentioned benefits are real and are as per my own experience.

  1. Get rid of Bad Breath – Oil Pulling helps in preventing bad breath as it extracts all the germs causing smell inside your mouth.
    You can see this change from the very first day itself.

    This is seriously a miraculous practice. Imagine, you going on a date where you would be more confident.

  2. Kill Germs and Bacteria- Yes, Oil will attract all the germs and bacteria from your teeth and gums because of it’s sticky property.

    The stickiness of oil will stick the germs and bacteria from your mouth leaving it hygienic and fresh.

  3. Brightens Teeth– Oh Yes, when I followed this for almost a week, I could see the visible change in my teeth. The yellowish effect has tone down and now my teeth are more white then before.

  4. Stronger Teeth and Gums- When there will be no residue of germs, it will make your teeth more stronger and long lasting. For me the overall dental health has improved by using this process.

  5. Hangover and Skin Issues- Yes, this also helps in getting over hangovers and at the same time it improves your facial skin. Because coconut oil has vitamin E in it which is good for skin.

  6. Detan Lips- Guys, your lip color will also start to get de-tan by following oil pulling for at least a month.

    The visible change can be seen after a month of doing Oil Pulling

  7. Mouth Exercise– You tell me who doesn’t like that sleek jaw line.
    When you swish the oil for 10 minute minimum, it moves your cheeks in and out. This brings it to the movement of fat accumulating on your face.
  8. Prevent Cavities- Oil pulling definitely prevents cavities as it leaves no residue of bacteria inside your mouth. Further preventing your teeth from accumulation of germs and bacteria over them.

When to do it?

So now that you are convinced to do Oil pulling, I would happily tell you when do I do Oil Pulling or you should do it.

I prefer it doing as soon I wake up in the morning with empty stomach because that’s when the germs are present from whole night.

I would highly recommend you to pursue it for at least 15 days.

I am would like to mention that this article is not for people facing serious dental issue. I would recommend consulting doctor for medical help in that case.

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  1. Amazing article, have seriously loved reading the information on Oil Pulling. I have tried it multiple times and seen visible difference.


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