Marketing Guide to Successful Startup

Marketing Guide for a Healthy and Successful Startup/Career

Are you planning to work on your extraordinary business idea? Or looking to start somewhere as a freelancer? Or maybe to initiate a career in the Marketing world?

If yes then give this article a 9 min read. 

These 9 minutes will change your perspective and will give you 180 turnaround in your thought process with secret marketing law which nobody had told you earlier.

I would suggest you to take a high quality Pen and Paper to note down these points as this will give you complete clarity and a feeling that you are doing something important.

Always remember that to achieve anything, you have to plan and strategize further actions.

Elements of Success

The basic elements of achieving fast success is to Learn -> Do -> Teach. Make sure you perform all three steps.

Teach Marketing

Learning never stops. And to reflect the effect of learning, you need to  implement it further. I would say that you shouldn’t be conscious of perfection in the beginning. As they say perfection is the killer of success. 

Following implementation, teaching is another important rule to follow. To measure what you have learned, you need to further teach it to someone as that will give you more clarity.

Our purpose is to become an action taker and a quick decision maker. 

Set your financial goals in the very beginning and make sure you take required actions to achieve it. Without clarity in your goals, achieving success becomes difficult.

As Digital Deepak say that one should set high standards and goals for himself. So setting a goal of 1 crore is an ideal number. Below is the graph depicting a game plan of how you can achieve it.

Achieve financial goal of 1 crore
  1. 1st bar showing us that selling 1 Lakh customer a product or service of 100Rs can earn you 1 crore. Looks easier now, right? 

But here targeting 1Lakh people via online marketing will also cost you money.

I would say you can ignore this plan because you will not even reach break even point.

  1. 2nd says that selling 10 thousand customers a product/service of 1 thousand rupees will earn you 1cr. 

Again, it will cost a lot of money to convert 10K people. This way you can reach break even point

  1. 3rd says that with only 1 thousand customers, you can earn 1 Cr if you sell them a service/product of 10 thousand rupees. Easy, right? Yes it is.
  2. Last bar has a much better plan, that you only have to target 100 customers for selling products/services of 1 lakh rupees.

Steps to follow:

  1. Narrow niche

The first ingredient to achieve 1 crore savings is a narrow niche. 

  1. Targeting Audience

People in tier 1 and tier 2 cities have the capacity to purchase . You can target these categories of cities.

  1. Help to accelerate client’s business

Your focus should be on helping the client’s business and then your charges will never be a concern for the client.

  1. Believe it

No vision board or dream is going to work unless you believe that it’s possible.

Law of Marketing

The fundamentals of marketing

  • We have been thinking this wrong all this while that marketing is based on creativity. Marketing is based on science. Marketing starts even before the product is ready. You need to understand the needs of the customer, his requirements.
  • Then develop the product which suits the requirements of the customer. This way selling becomes easier.
  • Marketing is all about sending the right message to the right people at the right time.
  • Marketing is not just about selling, rather a successful business is that whose customers are happy with the product/service. This way they will stand with you for life. 
  • You can make your existing customers happy by engaging with them regularly, taking feedback from them about your products or services.
  • Build trust among your customers. I would like to call it “Mass Trust”.
  • Marketing is an answer to the end of business difficulty. The purpose is to build a product that serves customers and capture a position in their mind.

For example, Google- it comes to our mind as soon as we think of Search engine. It has now became a verb for search engine.

  • Word of Mouth is the best form of advertising as it happens with trust. Humans tend to believe recommendations more than anything. 

One of my favourite dialogue for Marketing by Peter Drucker:

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him well and sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.”

  • Marketing is all about perception. But never let your marketing become more important than the product quality itself.
  • Good products convert their customers into their brand ambassadors.  Word of mouth is the best marketing channel.
  • Don’t confuse yourself with advertising as marketing. It’s a form of marketing and not the same.
  • Copy writing is also another important form of marketing.
  • One on one Sales is the ultimate component of marketing
  • Brand positioning: Good products not just exhilarate the marketing but also create a position of brand. The positive perception of the brand helps to set its trustworthiness and long lasting effectiveness.

People feel special owning the products from such brands.

For example, Getting an MBA done from IIM makes a person super confident and proud.

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.

No doubt that it’s one of the most talked about topics whether one should choose old school marketing ways or discover the world of online marketing.

Both have their own pros and cons. I won’t say that either of them is good and the other is not, because it’s about choosing what’s fitting in your requirements.

Traditional marketing: 

It’s one of the marketing which has been in use since centuries and is not going anywhere in future as well.

It is more of conventional marketing which includes mediums like – Radio, TVs, Newspapers, Hoardings, Big banners on roads, etc.

Digital Marketing:

This is an evolved marketing which is in existence from a decade. 

Mediums used are all online platforms i.e. Google, Facebook, Application, Youtube, etc.

Measuring of results becomes easier in Digital Marketing. This is one of the most favorable advantages.

Direct Selling Marketing

The purpose of Direct Selling is to track the effectiveness of both online and traditional marketing.

Most people running advertisements are not aware of the actions being taken to reach them. Most of the time, advertising in newspapers and magazines are not able to give clarity of awareness being done.

To overcome this limitation, Direct Selling Marketing is introduced. With this one can measure the effectiveness and awareness of marketing.

Perfect examples of Direct Selling Marketing is:

  • Ad in radio with the instruction of making a call. This gives a clarity to the reader that the next action to be taken is to make a call.
  • Landing page with a form where users are supposed to fill their information.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Very interesting Marketing funnel which discovers the success recipe for any entrepreneur, freelancer, etc.

CATT Funnel


 Wealth = n^CATT

n= Niche

Choose your niche wisely

  1. {C}: Content: Content is the king of marketing. Create content which is serving the purpose of solving problems. 

Content should be informative and easy to understand.

It can be in the form of blogs, videos, webinars, etc.

  1. {A}: Attention: After creation of content, we need to drive traffic on it. This can be done SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, etc.
  2. {T} Trust: Build trust with regular engagement, marketing automation and re-targeting.
  3. {T} Transaction: With trust, sales will flow automatically.

Choosing a niche should be a mix of Talent, Market and Passion.

Integrated Digital Marketing

You can check the below image for a complete circle of integrated Digital Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Content Marketing is the centre of this integrated marketing. Because it is the foundation of Marketing.

Without right content, we cannot expect any visibility and therefore no sales.

Content has to be very useful and informative and should solve the problems.

All other marketing modules are related to Content Marketing.

Ultimately we have to generate sales and the path of which flows from Content Marketing.

Social Media Platform is another important platform for traffic generation, lead generation, etc.

SEO is an organic technique to drive traffic on websites or any piece of content on the internet.

Paid Marketing is an immediate business generation activity through Google or Social Media.

Email Marketing is another very important tool which is often ignored. But if used well it will get you the highest revenue.

Sell/Convert: When we are performing all the required activities to build the trust then, sales flow superfluously. 

Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

Ignoring Personal Branding is one of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs do presently.

As being said that best known will beat the best. Also, people don’t want to communicate with the brand rather a person who is successful in his niche.

Most of the famous people are having strong personal brands which happens only following the details shared in this article.

Personal Brand

Again, yes this has its own pros and cons. 

Personal brands can’t be invested or sold out. But the brighter side is that it makes a positive influence for other brands.

With that being said, I have poured out every ounce of me to give you a complete and holistic overview of what it takes to accomplish your desired success.

I would really like to know what have you found the most interesting in this article and what motivated you the most. Please drop down your comments and let me know.

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