Digital Deepak Internship Program – An Honest Review

An internship where you’ll earn more than you spend.

Yes, you heard it right. This is a digital marketing internship where you are going to earn skills (real time experience), network of like-minded people and money (100% money back guarantee).

This internship by Digital Deepak is more than a regular internship where you’ll not only learn Digital Marketing fundamentals but also get real-time experience by deploying the learnings in completing and submitting the assignments.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Before we proceed further, I would like to introduce Deepak Kanakraju who has been helping his audience achieving their career and business goals.

Digital Deepak is India’s no. 1 Digital Marketing Trainer. He is educating his audience from last 7 years and is in Digital Marketing Industry since 2008.

If you are into digital Marketing industry, then you probably be aware of him as he is the highest searched keyword when we talk about Top Digital Marketing Trainer.

Now let’s talk about his million-dollar internship.

Ok you might want to ask how is it “Million Dollar internship”?

By the end of this article, you’ll realise that it surely is.

The course comprises of 12 weeks wherein the classes are uploaded on LMS (Learning Management System) every week, which allows you the comfort of learning at your pace of time within the week.

I shall help you with the brief of what all week’s classes is all about. How those covered topics will be beneficial and what actions are we supposed to take in further as for the assignment.

The feedback is based on my personal experience and is purely honest one.

Also, before I proceed to explain each week’s classes, I guess it’s important to mention that-

Who all can Join?

So, this internship is helpful for:

  1. Students: Students can join the internship to start their career early in Digital Marketing.
  2. Working Professionals: People busy with their jobs can join as well because thi7 s internship has the comfort of attending classes as per your convenience.
  3.  Entrepreneur: One of the ideal internships if you are an entrepreneur.  It will give you the freedom to market your product or service on your own or even to build your personal brand.
  4. Business Owners: Business Owners can have the access of organising, structuring, & optimizing their marketing efforts and cost by taking this internship as this will give them the knowledge which they have been missing on for long.

Now that I have cleared the doubt of who all can be the part of this internship, let’s now move on to the next and most important segment i.e.

Overview of Covered Topics in 12 weeks:

This overview will bring more confidence to become the intern of DDIP

(Digital Deepak Internship Program)

Have I mentioned that this is going to be-

100 % FREE Internship?

Oh yes, this internship comes with 100% money back guarantee. Now you might be thinking how and why?

Let’s answer how first-

As you submit the assignment of each week you are going to get the pre-structured reward. That reward is going to get credited in your bank directly.

So, the catch is that the rewards are structured such way that all the deposit is going to be back in your bank by the end of the program.

This way is 100% FREE and plus valuable

Now let’s answer why-

As per Digital Deepak, he has been wanting to create a community of marketers by his course, but he has realised that people purchase his courses but are never consistent with their actions.

So, to make his students more of an action taker within the timeline, he has come up with the idea of rewarding with money.

Because we all know that money is the biggest motivation for majority of the humans. To avoid losing money, his students submit their assignment on time and by that they also see results in respective goals.

Now I will not make you wait more for the overview of respective week.

Week 1- Success Mindset

The first week itself is the most motivating and inspiring. What we learnt in this week was how we can make bigger difference in life by taking small and consistent efforts.

Because without the right and success mindset you cannot achieve that goal which you are planning to.

  • Finances:

We learnt that one needs to be measuring his finances regularly. Even if it is 100 bucks, doesn’t matter. But you should be having the record of it so that you can evaluate by the end of month that this much has been spent and from next time what can you avoid spending on to have more savings.

  • Dreams:

We learnt that we all should have bigger dreams and we all have the power of achieving it because this universe delivers what we ask for. Obviously, it goes unsaid that you must make the plans accordingly to achieve your dreams.

  • Daily Habits:

Learnt how we should be conscious with our daily habits because every small ignorance makes larger impact in the long run.

What all habits? That you’ll learn in the internship. 😊

And a lot more….

Week 2 – Marketing Fundamentals

In this very week, we learnt about the fundamentals of marketing not necessarily of digital marketing. Because marketing exists since ages and will be there till ages and the basics are same.

This very week will also be a transformational week because you will learn how you can make 1 crore in one year with the help of online platforms.

Sounds exciting already Right? It is.

You will realise that you have got marketing guide with you which can help you setup your business/start up and further scale it up.

You will learn how Digital Marketing is very approachable and cost effective if we compare it to the traditional marketing.

Also, this week class described the CATT marketing funnel which discovers the success recipe for any entrepreneur or freelancer.

Let me share a little brief of what CATT is.

CATT- Content, Attention, Trust and transaction.

Now let’s talk of week 3.

Week 3 – Discovering your profitable Niche.

 Niche selection is the most important decision because with every niche, comes success.

So, you must carefully decide the niche and is should be something that you are informed and passionate about.

One can still ignore passion because passion changes with time and circumstance.

This week has taught me to select my niche based on certain factors which you learn in the internship itself.

Niche with good quality content, attention, trust and transactions becomes equivalent to wealth. This ensures that we need to select our niche in a way that it should create us wealth.

Week 4 – Creating your WordPress blog

This week was very interesting because it made us to create our own wordpress website. This website where you are reading this blog is the result of 4th week only.

Having a personal blog is so very important because all other platforms are owned by someone else. But website is something that you will be having the complete ownership of.

To start your online business, you should be creating your own website where you can put regular content relevant to your niche.

So week 4 has taught us to create and setup our own wordpress blog because wordpress is the most user-friendly platform.

This week has taught to interlink our blog with a lot of Google’s pre-requisites to rank us further.

Week 5 – Becoming the king of Content

We all have heard of this famous phrase “content is king” but in this week you will learn to become the king of content.

You’ll learn how you can create quality content with some simple yet intrigued strategies.

Strategies will help you to create content that is widely searched on internet and is most required.

You’ll learn to decode the content marketing techniques here and how you can spread word of your content on internet platforms.

Content Marketing is the most essential marketing for any business to survive on internet because it will help your brand to flourish like non other.

Week 6- Social Media and Networking Mastery

 Not that you have learned the creation of content, you need to market it also.

There’s an unheard phrase but an important that “If content is king then marketing is the queen”.

With the help of Social Media, you can spread the word and attract right kind of audience for your website. The traffic can further be monetised with the marketing funnel.

This week’s assignment will push to go out of your comfort and conduct webinar on your own.

You will learn how you can create a marketing funnel for your website and turn your audience in to your clients. Because in the end you need business.

This week has the capability to discover the possibilities for you on Social Media.

Also, the networking which holds the ultimate importance. You will learn to create a community of your own whom you can call as your tribe.

Week 7 – Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Week 7 has the power to find your first lead on your own. This lead generation is purely an organic process.

This week will be teaching you, how you can generate leads for your business or how you can contact anyone on internet using right tools and technique.

Here, it’s not just limited to the businesses. Students will learn how they can approach people for freelance projects or even jobs.

Week 7 is going to be all about unheard tools and strategies that works on internet.

Email Marketing is another covered aspect in week 7.

We learned to create an account, landing page and execution on email marketing platform.

This will help you run and send your own emails to your audience without any cost.

You will now realise that your exposure is getting infinite. Yes, this is what I was saying in the beginning as well that this internship is a million-dollar internship because you are being taught of every aspect of running a business on internet.

Isn’t this just great?

Week 8 – Mastering Facebook Ads

Oh, can’t tell you how this week’s learning has helped me and my fellow mates to get results.

Facebook Ads are the most under-rated ad platform. But if you are well-aware of your targeting audience and of your product quality then Facebook Ads are the best to go for.

This week has helped me learn how I can generate traffic, leads and do branding.

Facebooks ads are one of the most cost-effective ads platform. Since Facebook has the largest data in the world, it provides you the option of targeting audience based on their behaviour, interest, past activity, recent activity and many more demographics.

You will learn to setup the Facebook campaigns on your own and run them with actual money being invested to generate the desired result.

Week 9 – Mastering Google Ads

One of the most requested skill in organisations. You will learn to setup your Google Ads account and run full-fledged campaigns.

You will learn to create Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, YouTube Ad Campaigns and remarketing as well.

Google Ads are widely used for organisations to generate leads globally and this skill is widely required.

You will know the importance of Google Ads, that it helps us to generate the result faster that too without investing much.

Quality of leads through Google Ads are far better than any other platform. You will learn about it in the internship.

Week 10 – Search Engine Optimization

Now that we have learnt content marketing, lead generation, and paid campaigns, the next important domain is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

With SEO we will be able to generate the organic traffic on our blog. Which further will increase the website’s visibility.

You will learn how you can take care of all the ranking factors for a blog’s keyword.

You will learn how you can create high quality backlinks for your websites.

The tips and tricks of SEO has changed over the years and now you are no more required to create the old school backlinks on regular directory submission, forum submission, etc.

You will learn how you can submit guest blogs and exchange backlinks with other relevant website owners.

The ON-Page SEO has a lot of Google’s algorithm to follow to comply with it. Because our goal is to get ranked on it.

There are more than 200 Google’s algorithm which are needed to be aligned on website.

Apart from that you will also learn to rank the blog on targeted keywords with right techniques and strategies.

Week 11 – Deep Marketing Automation

We are right now on the 11th week and I haven’t started it yet. So, I will surely update here in a week of how it went for me.

Week 12- Yet to announce

So, Guys this was all about the internship program. I would like to mention few frequently asked questions which will give you more insights.


Question 1. Are you sure that I will get my money back?

Ans: Yes, you will 100% get your money back only if you submit your assignment. Also, if your assignment gets rejected, you will get another chance to re-submit it.

Question 2. If we are getting all our money back than how is Digital Deepak earning?

Ans: This was my question also when I was planning to join. So, the earning is depending on the people who are not submitting the assignments on time. Trust me there are a lot of people who for some reasons miss on the timelines.

Question 3. Is It a good internship? How it’s different from other courses.

Ans: This is 100% good. Talking about how it’s different then I would say no other trainer is giving back the money.

Digital Deepak is here to teach millions of students through his courses. His main aim is to build a class-apart brand which he already is.

Question 4. Is there any guarantee of jobs or Freelancing project?

Ans: Nothing in world comes with a guarantee and we emphasize on our actions to make things work in our favor.

I would say if you are honestly doing the assignments and taking your learning a step ahead by putting it into actions then you surely will get results.

Question 5. Where from I should register?

Ans: So, you can register from the shared link. I would suggest doing it as soon as possible because when I began writing this article two days back there were availability in batch 8 but now, I am seeing that batch 9 is also going full.

Ans: Interesting question. Well this is going totally against the vibe of this internship. This internship is to teach the budding marketers and interested audience. If Deepak had to do this, he wouldn’t have introduced the concept of returning the money as reward.

You get 3 chance to re-submit the assignments after every rejection.

Not only this, you will hardly get the assignment rejected because there are mentors available for the entire batch.

Mentors organise QnA sessions for the batch and helps us with the doubts and queries from the assignments. They have literally explained all the assignments to help us understand the idea behind the same.

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